We offer online tutorial sessions to artists taking part in the Arts Territory Exchange and artists who are working with ideas of Place, Territory, Spacial theory, Ecology etc. The tutorial sessions run in seven week blocks with one hour face to face Skype session per week and include follow up e mails/online conversation. Each artist will be provided with a bespoke reading list which will be developed around their practice following an initial consultation session. Discussion can be around your current practice in general or around the development of a particular body of work or an exhibition.

The intensive sessions are particularly geared towards those coming to the end of graduate/post graduate study who want to push their practice forward, for those disconnected from academic institutions working with ideas of territory and place or for established artists who wish to move their practice in a new direction.

The tutorials are led by Gudrun Filipska and supported by the aTE Advisory board and other relevant artists and academics. The cost is £650 for seven weeks.

One off tutorials may be organised on arrangement.

There are only five places per year as we only work with one artist at a time so spaces are limited. Please contact Gudrun@artsterritoryexchange.com for more information.

Short courses.

We are currently developing a short course called ‘Place-Space/face to face.’ On art, ecology and the ethics of the spacial encounter through the writing of Emmanuel Levinas.