The Arts Territory Exchange runs a selective membership programme for artists and writers working with the concepts of remotness, rurality, ‘place’ and ecology. aTE supports and promotes the work of artists living in remote or unstable territories and creates an archive of research and debate.

Selected artists are asked to contribute a membership fee of £25 per year to the running of the programme, there is scarce funding for international programmes such as aTE and as our rapidly growing membership suggests, there is a real demand for such an initiative, with your mutual support we expect to continue and flourish.*

*While we feel that the fee offers excellent value in comparison with other membership programmes and have purposefully made sure it is as low as possible, in certain circumstances ( extreme financial difficulty/territorial instability etc) we may waive the fee as we would not want a selected artist prevented from taking part at at time when being part of aTE might benefit them most. Please outline your circumstance and request to have the fee waved in the ‘other comments’ section of the application form and we will consider alongside your application.

Membership benefits include:

  • Becoming part of a world-wide network.

  • Having your work included in a permanent collection, the aTE Archive.

  • Automatic inclusion in our ‘Residency by Correspondence’ Programme (with entitlement to re-pairing as and when neccessary).

  • The opportunity to have your work selected by independent curators as part of a rolling exhibitions schedule.

  • Opportunity to be included in aTE publications.

  • Opportunity to apply for ‘face to face’ subsidised residency programmes in interesting locations.

  • Opportunity to apply for travel funds and development funds as and when they are available.

  • An artist profile on our website with links to your website/social media.(Artist pages are currently under development).

  • Promotion of your work in the form of blog articles and social media posts (in consultation with you).

For more information on how fees are used to support the programme and our policy on Artist exhibition payment, please see here. Payments for membership can be made here but please wait to recieve confirmation of your acceptance onto the programme before paying.