Skeiðarárhlaup Festival.

On the 14th April, a selection of Arts Territory Exchange Members took part in Skeiðarárhlaup - Micro performance festival on and around the Skeiðará Bridge near Skaftafell, Iceland. The festival marked the 45th birthday of the bridge and the opening of the ring road around Iceland. The festival began with a long distance run ending up on the bridge where various performances and film screenings took place. aTE members from around the world live-streamed walks and runs in solidarity with the festival, many over bridges and bodies of water near their homes. The participants who live streamed to the festival from instagram were Andrew Howe, Susi Gutierrez, Jennifer Brant, Michelle Kohler, Elizabeth Schoen, Georgina Reskala, Barbara Bryn Klare and Collectif Bonneau Knight.

Films were also screened under Skeidara bridge from Caroline Kelley, Carly Butler, Denise Holland, Peachey and Mosig, Michelle Kohler, James Davoll, Gudrun Filipska and Collectif Bonneau-Knight. Images show the festival and the nearby ‘transport monument’ of a bridge that was destroyed in 1996 by the glacier.

Image credits go to Jón Ágúst Guðjónsson for images of the festival (including the runners and the Hringleikur Circus team) Live stream stills - credits to the artists. And thankyou to Eva Bjarnadóttir for organising.